Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Statisfied Lesson

Today is the replacement class for Deepavali celebration in October. Attendance was poor, only 18 students turned up. I was very happy when a teacher was on MC, I quickly asked PK to give me two period relief class. But, he said he can only give me one as another teacher wanted to enter the class too. Well, as long as I can do some revision with them. When I told students that I am going to enter their class, they were sad as they don't like it. They scared that they will have to do a lot of exercises, but when I told them about the other teacher wanted to enter their class, they prefer to have me than him, but their Form Teacher told me that actually they prefer their Form Teacher to enter their class than I am.
To my surprised, PK gave me 3 relief period of that class (haha...), as there was another teacher absent. It was 6 to 8 period. There were 6 or 7 students from other class attended my class too. My students seemed very motivated with other students around. There was this boy from other class that keep on asking questions. I was happy to have someone asked me than my students who will just keep quiet which made me puzzled whether they understand or they don't. My students started to ask questions too. I was a very enjoyable teaching periods for me since I took over the class on March. Thank you to all the students attended my class, wish to have the opportunity to conduct such classes.

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  1. Satisfaction is when we know that we have done our best. Not necessarily when things have gone well. Keep up the good feeling.