Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cashew Nuts & Arrowhead

This is the total amount of tidbits that I managed to prepare for CNY. For my father, my mother in law, brother and sister in law

fried arrowhead, a lot of work and very time consuming, but it is very tasty

beside Hazel, Almond, Cashew nut is nice too, but this year the price went up to RM30 per kg. Last year it was RM28

another 2 weeks is Chinese New Year celebration. I had to finish cleaning the house and prepare two of the most favorable tidbits that my hubby loves during CNY. I began to prepare these two tidbits since year 2005. This year, I have to prepare everything a bit early than before. Manage to prepare 3kg of Cashew Nuts and around 8kg of arrowhead. The arrowhead tasted like potato chips. Nice to eat but not too much, or else you will easily down with sore throat.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Home Deco for CNY

I am supposed to editing my thesis, instead I went out shopping and decorate the house.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Washing & Cleaning Part II

Last night, I spent nearly four hours to clean up the master bedroom, my son's room and guest room. I reached home from campus at around 7pm, then took my dinner and start cleaning because I know I won't be able to continue with my thesis after spending approximately 7 hours writing the thesis in campus. Well, almost done all the washing and cleaning. Now, the next thing to do is to fry the arrowheads and cashew nuts. Two of my hubby's favorite tidbits on Chinese New Year.

Blood Donation Finally

I went to hospital the other day (Thursday)with my father, but it was late after seeing the doctor, my father has to travel back home. So, I didn't go the Blood Bank at hospital. On Friday, I was at campus, thought of donating blood at hospital nearby, but called the hospital, and the nurse told me that they don't have that kind of service, asked me to go to the bigger hospital 25km away. So, I called the hospital, but the nurse said, they only accept donation before 5pm. It was 4pm and don't think I can make it. So, I went to hospital the place I used to donate blood, but it was closed. They are out to and have campaign at two major hypermarket in town. As, I am going to that hypermarket to shop for clothes for my husband and son. So, after taking lunch, I went to the counter to register and waiting for my turn. Feel the pain when the nurse poke the needle, I guessed, I dare not look, not even once, scared to see, I always look away.

Chinese New Year Decoration

Year of Tiger
Golden Tiger Welcomes Spring

What happen to the Butterfly

Few days ago, I saw this butterfly on my ceiling in the hallway, it has been there for whole day without moving. Then disappeared for a day then showed up on the wall for another day. Then, flew away. The next morning, it was on the floor, and I saw ants started to come around the creature. I took tissues paper and took the butterfly out from the house and put it in one of the plants in front of the house. Ever since then, didn't see the creature anymore.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

CNY Custom

It is Chinese custom to have the house total clean up before Chinese New Year. I started last week by washing curtains, washing sliding doors on Monday, yesterday I wipe all the cabinets at the living room. Today, I spent four hours just to clean up the kitchen and toilet downstairs. Will take a few days rest, as tomorrow needed to take my father to hospital and on Friday will meet my friends to discuss our thesis. Will continue washing and cleaning on Saturday, not much time left to all that.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Menyahut Seruan Menderma Darah

Pada hari Jumaat yang lepas, Utusan Online ada berita tentang kekurangan darah di hospital swasta juga di hospital kerajaan. Diharapkan sesiapa yang layak untuk menderma akan ke hospital untuk menderma darah. Saya akan ke hospital minggu depan untuk menderna tapi tak pasti boleh derma ke tak boleh sebab baru derma pada bulan November yang lepas, setahu saya perlu tunggu 3 bulan sebelum boleh menderma lagi. Walau apapun, akan ke hospital minggu depan. Sekarang ini, sibuk edit tesis, harap-harap dapat siapkan pada akhir bulan ini. Selepas itu, bolehlah concentrate untuk preparation for CNY.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Day at Campus

I started my journey to campus at 6am this morning, by the time I reached campus it was 8.20am. Went to Bursary to get signature and sent my abstract and lists of content to faculty. Meeting with supervisor at 11am ended at 12.30pm. Lunch at Secret Recipes with Ummu Ilman and Chahya. After lunch, Ummu Ilman went home. Chahya and I went to library till 6.30pm. Chit chat outside the library till 7.13pm. Reached home at 8.50pm. Not going to do anything tonight. Going to sleep early and continue my thesis editing tomorrow.

Monday, January 11, 2010

PC Fair & Day Out

Went to PC Fair at Stadium Indera Mulia on Sunday morning after taking breakfast with hubby friends. We went to PC Fair as one of hubby's colleague asking help to get a notebook for her son and hubby friends are looking for notebook too. Spent 3 hours at PC Fair just managed to get the notebook for hubby's colleague not his friends.

Have lunch at Mamak Store then to their home, helping to set up the karaoke sound systems then listen to them singing few songs and heading home. It was a total day out, no reading on theses or journals. At night, sending the notebook to hubby's colleague home. Both of us didn't do anything that day, and we slept early as we were exhausted.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy Birthday to YOU

Would like to wish Ummu Ilman dan my hubby a very happy return of the day.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hadiah Hari Jadi

Sabtu ni 9/1, hari jadi hubby juga hari lahir buat rakan blog Ummu Ilman. Tengah runsing tak tahu nak belikan atau berikan apa untuk hubby. Buat Ummu Ilman, akan saya belanja makan tengah hari pada hari Selasa bersama dengan chahya di kampus. Sudah dua tahun kami belajar bersama-sama saya, ummu ilman dan chahya. Banyak yang telah kami kongsi dan pelajari bersama-sama. Pada masa ini, kami sibuk dengan penulisan tesis masing-masing, sudah kurang berjumpa. Kalau dulu, setiap minggu jumpa 2 kali semasa menghadiri lecture di kampus. Sekarang, hanya apabila ada appointment dengan supervisor, baru kami di kampus. Tingga kurang 2 bulan kami akan kembali bertugas, masing-masing akan kembali bertugas di tempat masing-masing, mungkin chahya akan ke jabatan lain. Sebenarnya, tak pasti lagi kami akan ditempatkan ke mana. Saya dan ummu ilman prefer kembali ke tempat asal. Walau apapun, segalanya akan jelas apabila melaporkan diri ke KPM pada bulan March nanti.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Pedih & Perit

Hari ini saya sepatutnya berasa gembira dan lega sebab dah berjaya menyiapkan isi kandungan tesis saya. tugas seterusnya adalah menulis abstrak dan abstract agar dapat dihantar untuk semakan penyelia pada hari Jumaat ini. Namun, semuanya hancur lebur dan hati ini berasa sungguh pedih & perit akibat sebuah perbualan telefon. Kalau ikutkan hati, ingin saya bawa kereta terus balik ke kampung dan bawa balik Ethan. Tapi, aku masih bertahan dengan segalan dakwaan yang dibuat. Walau bagaimanapun, saya sudah bertekad untuk membawa Ethan balik ke sisiku pada akhir bulan ini juga sebab aku memang dah tidak boleh bertahan dengan dakwaan tidak berasas yang dibuat. Oleh itu, aku mesti tekun dan berdisiplin dalam menghabiskan penulisan tesis saya ini dalam masa kurang sebulan ini.

Aku mesti siapkan tesis saya ini by hook or by crook.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Jauh Perjalanan, Luas Pemandangan

Tidak kira jauh perjalanan, luas pemandangan, luas pandangan atau luas pengalaman. Perjalanan hari ini memang jauh, memang luas pemandangan, pandangan dan pengalaman yang diperoleh. Sudah lama duduk menghadap tesis yang pi mai pi mai tang tu je. Hari ini, Ummu Ilman banyak membantu saya dalam menyelaraskan objektif kajian saya dengan persoalan kajian dan dapatan kajian. Walaupun perbincangan tak sampai satu jam pun, tapi cukup padat dan jelas. Kami jumpa di IPS kemudian ke perpustakaan, tak lupa makan-makan di gerai.

Tiba di rumah dah pukul 7.30pm, hujan lebat sepanjang perjalanan pulang. Walaupun bertolak awal, tapi disebabkan hujan yang begitu lebat sekali, jadi memandu dengan cukup teliti, jalan memang licin. Apabila sampai, cuci kereta, maklumlah kereta baharu, jaga over sikit. Mandi dan makan malam. Baru berkesempatan menulis pos ini. Esok baru nak mula buat semua cadangan dan penyelarasan yang dicadangkan oleh Ummu Ilman. Nak berehat je, dah tua agaknya, berasa letih dan sakit bahu, tak lupa dah rasa mengantuk dah.....zzz...

Sunday, January 3, 2010


It is not a productive day for both of us. We didn't do much work today. Managed to sit down and typed a page of content of my thesis, not finish. Went to wash car till around 8.45pm, then washed up. Received call from course mate saying that the appointment with supervisor has postponed to this Friday at 3.30pm. Well, it means that I don't have to rush to get my abstract in BM and in BI ready not till Friday. Hubby prepared dinner. We ate. Anyhow, must be very disciplined indeed started tomorrow as I need to have my thesis ready completely by end of the month.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Suka Sakit

Alahai, sejak ahkir-akhir asyik sakit je.......entah apa dah jadi, sekejap sakit perut, lepas itu sakit bahu, sakit pinggang, selesema, sakit tekak. Buat masa ni, akibat selesema, terasa mengantuk sangat-sangat. Kerja tak buat pun sehari dua ni sebabnya kemaskan rumah, maklumlah azam baharu ni sejak dua tahun melanjutkan pelajaran rumah penuh dengan buku, kertas, borang soal selidik, draf tesis...Hari itu pi jumpa supervisor minta nak hantar draf awal tesis ke IPS, Dr. dah setuju minta hantar abstrak BM dan BI, serta isi kandungan Isnin pukul 4pm, sayangnya saya tak buat apa-apa lagi, nampak gayanya it will be last minutes work. Apa-apa aje, asalkan kerja beres. So, now nak tidur dulu lah ni, esok baru keje boleh!

Friday, January 1, 2010


It's 2010, no turning back. Right before 2010, I talked to my sister. Make me want to bring my son home with me. That's go my 2010, spoiled by her saying. Having the urge to ask her to pack Ethan's things and I wanted to bring him home immediately. Pity my son. Asking my sister to take care of Ethan is just because I wanted to help her financially and Ethan will be better taken care of.