Saturday, January 23, 2010

Blood Donation Finally

I went to hospital the other day (Thursday)with my father, but it was late after seeing the doctor, my father has to travel back home. So, I didn't go the Blood Bank at hospital. On Friday, I was at campus, thought of donating blood at hospital nearby, but called the hospital, and the nurse told me that they don't have that kind of service, asked me to go to the bigger hospital 25km away. So, I called the hospital, but the nurse said, they only accept donation before 5pm. It was 4pm and don't think I can make it. So, I went to hospital the place I used to donate blood, but it was closed. They are out to and have campaign at two major hypermarket in town. As, I am going to that hypermarket to shop for clothes for my husband and son. So, after taking lunch, I went to the counter to register and waiting for my turn. Feel the pain when the nurse poke the needle, I guessed, I dare not look, not even once, scared to see, I always look away.

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