Thursday, December 31, 2009

What a Day

Went to market today again, bought some chicken meat and vegetables for soup. Done cooking at 12.30pm. Watched news for a while. Can't concentrate on my work on thesis, so lay down to take a nap. Hubby woke me up and asking me to join him to a dinner with his fellow friends at a restaurant. Arrived at 7.15pm, dinner started at 8pm and done at 9.47pm. It was a nice dinner, first course is 4 seasons, second is mushrooms with scallops and abalone mushrooms with broccoli. Third was fish, then chickens and ducks, prawn, vegetables, rice and desserts.
After that, all of them wanted to go singing at E-box, so we just followed. Sang for 3 hours. Reached home at 1am. Can't remember when is the last time I came home that late. Though, my hubby and I enjoyed the day. It is our first time visiting place like E-box to sing songs, we don't sing, not even in the bathroom (haha...). But enjoyed listening to others. Always have those very negative perspective about places like this.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Die Liao

Die..Die...Die...supposed to start working on my thesis yesterday after sending my son back to my sister. Reached home at around 6pm, washed cars then went out for dinner. Back home at 9pm, lazy to do anything else, so just switched on TV and watched "Bones", "NCIS" then "Criminal Minds" till Rachel Ray(already zzzzzz.........). Woke up this morning at 8am, then went to kindergarten with neighbour as she is sending her daughter to nursery today, followed her to check out the place.

Went to market, but nothing much to buy, just bought newspaper and breakfast. Later on went to neighbour's house chit chat for an hour. Back home, thought of on my laptop and start to do some writing on my thesis, well, haha..chatting with my sister online. Then it was already noon. Switch on TV again to watch news. After that, went to kitchen and fried rice as lunch. Now, taking my lunch and punching the keypads.

How am I supposed to graduate if ..........Well, there will be thousand of excuses not to look at the thesis. Actually, no mood already to do all that. So, at the end..........DIE.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Zoo Taiping

Going to Zoo Taiping tomorrow. Visited the zoo when Ethan was six months old, now he is 2 years and 7 months old. He can recognized quite a numbers of animals. Hope he can identify them when he sees it tomorrow. Going with our neighbour who has 2 daughters, eldest is 6 days younger than Ethan. Need to wake up early tomorrow to cook for Ethan, better for him to take porridge than taking outside food. Plan to wake up at 5.30. I need at least an hour to cook his porridge and pack up things.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

This is the first time we spent Christmas at home. Early in the morning, we went for a ride in my new car just to test up the car. Then came back to let Ethan takes his nap. It rained heavily in the afternoon. Dinner at Jia Jia Fat Gopeng with Chuah's Family and maid. We ordered assam fish meat, pork, vegetables, chicken, bean curd. Back home, spent around an hour at Xiao Yue's home.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Car Taken

Went to JPJ this morning and managed to get my car grant and back to showroom to sign some papers. Hubby took my car to do the auto lock and tinting. Expected to be ready at 5pm. After that, we will go home to fetch Ethan back home for Christmas.

Monday, December 21, 2009

All About Writing

" We usually say 'reading and writing', so it sounds as though I'm putting the cart before the horse. But I call writing the horse. Nothing can be read unless it was first written" Peter Elbow(2004)

"Writing continues to be 'in'. Students are being asked to write in Science, in Mathematics, in Social Studies, in Health & Physical Education, and of course, in Language Arts. The SAT ( Scholastic Aptitude Test) - now requires students to write. Taking the writing test is on longer an option.

Writing is the improvement in student performance in 'every academic area' (Reeves, 2002)

William Zinsser has stated that 'the only way to write is to force yourself to produce a certain number of words on a regular basis', yet, one learns to write by writing, just as one learns to bowl by bowling.

Friday, December 18, 2009

To KL they go

I called my sister at around 9.30pm and to my surprise and shock to get to know that she and my son with my father and her children had reached KL. I am worry about my father's condition. He is old and not well but he insist of driving down to KL accompany by my sister who doesn't drive for years. I just hope they are fine. Lately, the weather is not so good, rain quite often. I hope the Ranjit Skin Specialist Clinic will be open tomorrow, then they will be back by noon. Keeping my fingers cross.

Car Sold

Sold my car on Monday. It was a Honda City IDSI(Blue color. 4 years old car. Mileage is 62440. Time 12.22pm.

Selling my car had provoke a series of unpleasant talk about my car from my sisters. Wait till they find out that I am going for a 2 liter car.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

acute flood

While at the hospital waiting for my father's medication, suddenly it rained heavily. On my way back home, we got a shock. Most of the road in town were flooded. Just half an hour rain can changed the scenario in the town.

to Hospital again

Received a phone call from my father around 10am asking to go to hospital to get medication for him: white soft paraffin and u-closone ointment. While, only managed to go to hospital after lunch hour, reached there at 2.10pm, and managed to the doctor's prescription at 3.30pm, then to the pharmacy and waited around half and hour. In the afternoon, the dermatology clinic and the pharmacy were not crowded compared to the crowd in the morning.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Scaly Skin

Went home yesterday to visit my son. Later in the evening, went home to my father's house to clean the house as my sister didn't go there for more than 2 weeks already. Well, my father is not a good cleaner. I took me nearly 3 hours just to sweep& mop the floor, clean the toilet and wipe the furniture in the hall. My father is a PRP patient, so he has scaly skin as photos showed below. That's the amount of peeling off skin in the hall.