Thursday, December 31, 2009

What a Day

Went to market today again, bought some chicken meat and vegetables for soup. Done cooking at 12.30pm. Watched news for a while. Can't concentrate on my work on thesis, so lay down to take a nap. Hubby woke me up and asking me to join him to a dinner with his fellow friends at a restaurant. Arrived at 7.15pm, dinner started at 8pm and done at 9.47pm. It was a nice dinner, first course is 4 seasons, second is mushrooms with scallops and abalone mushrooms with broccoli. Third was fish, then chickens and ducks, prawn, vegetables, rice and desserts.
After that, all of them wanted to go singing at E-box, so we just followed. Sang for 3 hours. Reached home at 1am. Can't remember when is the last time I came home that late. Though, my hubby and I enjoyed the day. It is our first time visiting place like E-box to sing songs, we don't sing, not even in the bathroom (haha...). But enjoyed listening to others. Always have those very negative perspective about places like this.

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