Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Die Liao

Die..Die...Die...supposed to start working on my thesis yesterday after sending my son back to my sister. Reached home at around 6pm, washed cars then went out for dinner. Back home at 9pm, lazy to do anything else, so just switched on TV and watched "Bones", "NCIS" then "Criminal Minds" till Rachel Ray(already zzzzzz.........). Woke up this morning at 8am, then went to kindergarten with neighbour as she is sending her daughter to nursery today, followed her to check out the place.

Went to market, but nothing much to buy, just bought newspaper and breakfast. Later on went to neighbour's house chit chat for an hour. Back home, thought of on my laptop and start to do some writing on my thesis, well, haha..chatting with my sister online. Then it was already noon. Switch on TV again to watch news. After that, went to kitchen and fried rice as lunch. Now, taking my lunch and punching the keypads.

How am I supposed to graduate if ..........Well, there will be thousand of excuses not to look at the thesis. Actually, no mood already to do all that. So, at the end..........DIE.

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