Monday, November 23, 2009

Day 1 : Mother In Law

My mother in law came to stay with us approximately for a week or so. Today, she cooked pickles. It was very nice, took some for my neighbour. My mother is eighty something but still strong; she can cook, wash and clean too. I am trying not to let her do all the work, she offered help.

Thursday, November 19, 2009




Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bab 4

Rasa lega sikit selepas berjaya menghabiskan bab 4 tesis saya semalam, jadi tidur awal semalam. Hari ini target nak habiskan bab 5 sebabnya esok ada perjumpaan dengan penyelia. Dah beberapa hari duduk berjam-jam tanpa bergerak di hadapan laptop, bahu, tengkuk, pinggang makin sakit. Hari ini cukup penting mesti tumpu perhatian agar dapat menghabiskan bab 5 dengan jayanya.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Journey of Love

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Tesco@Station 18, Pengkalan

these photos I took on Tesco Hypermarket on its open ceremony at Station 18 a year ago

Journey of Love Each Day

Today, I saw them again, the mother didn't wear the hat as the weather is not hot, actually the sky is gloomy and going to rain soon. Each day, the mother will walk quite a distance from a destination to another destination with his son sitting on the bicycle and she will push him all the way. It is definitely a journey of love each day. I am touch to see the mother's effort and love towards his son.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Road Safety

Caught this two youngster riding motorcycle without helmet.

Stree Deco : Bunga Raya


What a disgusting habit on the road, the man wound down his window to let his cigarette's smoke out of the car. Not sure whether it is against the law or not, but certainly it is a quite common act that you can see on the road. What disgust me the most was that he spat on the road. My god, we are trying to cultivate a "first-world mentality" over here. First-world mentality is about being civic-minded and responsible to nature and public utilities. This includes the ability to respect for public property, because however little that thing you're throwing on the road is, it still is trash (Sujesh Pavithran comment on "The Little Things"- The Star 13 Nov 09)

Later in the afternoon, another disgusting act caught in the act. I was on my way to Kuala Lumpur with my husband and we were at the traffic lights junction. There was a big lorry beside us, the lorry driver wound down the window and throw a plastic bag out from his window.
Maybe they didn't go through the Moral Education like current students do. Just curious whether the Moral Education managed to cultivate the "first-world mentality" on the students?



Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Clouds 11.11.09

Mama I want Man Man

Mama, I want man man, ultraman. This is what my son will say if he sees this picture.


back from campus, tired but luckily managed to send my report to my supervisor although I didn't make any appointment in advance. Thought of just drop my report with her secretary. Luckily, she was in her room, managed to explain to her about my report. Going to see her again appointment on next week ( tentatively).

Monday, November 9, 2009