Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bamboo Charcoal

on Friday, received a gift from my student Kar Yee, she gave a bamboo charcoal, I heard about this bamboo charcoal, they have this bamboo charcoal pillows, which can help us to sleep better. It does help me to sleep better though I still dream (haha...) but my shoulder is not painful anymore. How thoughtful of her to give me something that I really need.

It has been a busy and tension month for me, I have too much things to handle which I think I can't cope with it, my body is showing sign of protest. Aching everywhere, especially shoulder and neck. When will all this over and out.

It is a challenging period to teach when the trial exam is over, students attendance is very poor, I even caught a student truant, his father sending me to school, seeing him enter the school before drove off. But the son is not in school when the form teacher mark the attendance. The student went to somewhere far from the school. I went to his house and told his father about this. This is not the first time the student did this (truant), I caught him once doing the same time, he spent the whole school hours in cybercafe, before school dismiss he will change back to his uniform and wait for his father in front of the school gate. I gave him a chance and not telling his father about what he has been doing in school, but this time, I think I need to tell the parents so that they know that their son is starting to tell lies. I hope what I did is right that I am helping the student not the other way around.


  1. You have done the right thing. One day, the student will appreciate what you have done.

  2. Thank you Ummu Ilman,
    actually I have applied for transfer, and going to other school by next year I hope