Monday, April 5, 2010

Chin Beng

I should have go back home for Chin Beng as I didn't go home to visit my mum for years already. My sisters came back Saturday afternoon but they didn't go to the cemetery. Only my father will go. We visit few grave; first my mother and my grandfather and grandmother and my ancestor too. My grandmother passed away when my father is still a child. It is my grandmother's mother who took care of my father and his siblings. Only three of them. My uncle is in Pantai Remis, his wife just passed away 2 months ago. My aunt live in Singapore, she hardly come back to Malaysia after my grandfather passed away more than 10 years ago.
I am still struggling with my thesis, stayed up last night. Now, while waiting for my car to be serviced I am sitting in the customer lounge with my thesis draft and my laptop. Will try to finish editing by today and compile everything by this week, but I have problems with my chapter 6, normally thesis consist of 5 chapter, mine have 6. Headache....

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