Friday, April 16, 2010

No Peace & No Rest

Well, finally I have submitted my final draft to my supervisor today. But, it doesn't mean that I can sit back and relax. Although I would like to sleep early and wake up late but I don't think so I have the luxury to do that. My routine is on which is sleep at around 9pm with my only son then wake up at around 1 or sometimes 2am to do my work till 5am when I will started to boil water and do some cleaning before get ready to school.
Well, I have to do a presentation on school profile with all information about school for the past 5 years, the achievement in academic, sports, etc. Haven't look in to it but would like to get it done as soon as possible so that I can concentrate on other things like my viva, my son and especially now my father; his condition is getting worst, and we are worry about him. He started to dream about my mum who deceased 14 years ago. He never dream about my mum for 14 years. For Chinese, we believed that it is not a good sign. Will try to go back home more often to visit him.

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