Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Life is Getting Tough

Slept only 4 hours, felt so tired. I even took a 5 minutes rest at school till I didn't notice that my student is sitting beside waiting to ask me for dictionary. I gave 5K students BM grammar as homework as Monday is holiday ( 3 sheets of working papers with around 40 questions). It is the best time to drill them on that matter. It was okay today. I did feel glad that they don't grumble as much. One of the student said Thank you to me. I don't think so they have to do exercises whenever there is any public holidays.

Well, the scenario is totally different in the other class. The moment I step in the class, there are students request that I don't teach today with all sort of absurd excuses, blaming the weather is too hot to study. I have to yell as the surrounding and there are students who keep on chit chatting although been warned for few times, those who wanted to study keep asking to continue and dun bother those annoyed students. I just can't stand their attitude anymore, if only I could just teach those who wanted to study and left those. I feel that I failed to be a teach as I can't teach, they prefer to copy, they don't want me to talk. It is like copying is their way of getting homework done. They will waiting for the answer, they won't even bother to try. It is like the teacher asking questions and answering the questions ( sound so stupid).

When I confronted them, they were saying that I should be happy as they attended my class. Should I? They told me that they don't even bother to enter other teacher's class. I only hope that they listen to me not giving me "face" to stay in the class and chit chat away.

Today, there is an tournament going on in the school compound. Lot of students are absent and in some classes, the room is empty, the students truant to go and watch the match even though they have been warned not to do that. No action taken so far and tomorrow is the final matches. Students have been telling me that they won't come to school. How am I going to survive in such an environment?

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  1. We can't reach everyone. Just try your best.