Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Long Journey

Well, started journey to Kedah at around 10am, reached at around 12.15pm. Went to Giant Hypermarket as do not know where to dine. It is at a unique building called Albukhary. Then proceed to Jitra to hubby's friend house. He stayed with them for few years, so they feel close to him. Visited uncle and auntie, then to the eldest daughter and one of the sisters, visited their new home. Meet one guy from Kangar named Syed Redza. Back to Ipoh at 7.15pm. Reached home at 10.15pm. Ethan already asleep as he didn't take nap in the afternoon. Pity him as he doesn't have proper meals when we travel. I always would like to make sure that Ethan had his meals on time. But, it is very hard to give him proper meals when your partner doesn't really think that it is important. Taking one or two meals late is okay that what he said, but I still try to feed Ethan on time pity my little boy he is only 3 years old. For whatever the reason, I won't compromise anything for his meals time.
For me, Ethan is my priority, everything about him is important to me but not to his father. We feel neglected or put aside when it comes to computer gadgets, meeting friends or talking to friends, we have to sit down quietly, Ethan ought not to make noise or he will get scolded. We have to wait although it is meal time till his father finished his meeting with friends, talking to friends or surfing the net or whatever his interests are. I was angry. Ethan is like not his priority, it doesn't matter if Ethan didn't have anything to do or eat late. He said it is okay but not for me.

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