Monday, August 22, 2011

Intention Void

Planned to donate blood today, so after school, I went to near by hospital, waited till 2pm, then one of the staff asked me to wait in a room, he switched on the air conditioner and I am waiting there in the small for half an hour before a nurse came in and give me the form to fill, after that she asked me to wait again as there is no doctor around, waited for 10 minutes. She took me to see the doctor 100m from the pathology and have my blood pressure and weight measured. Then, I am back in the small room and waited for another 10 minutes, then another nurse came in and asked me whether I have been poked in the finger, I said NO, then she went out and came in again with a Indian lady (dunno her identity), she poked my finger and took a small amount of blood then put in a solution, my blood refuses to sink, although she has tried few times. Then, so said sorry Miss you are not fit to donate blood today. After an hour, I'm home disappointed and will try to donate blood again next month.

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