Thursday, June 4, 2009

Discharged At Last

Been pestering doctor for the past few days, finally doctor agreed to discharge my father. He has been warded for 15 days due to PRP. Although his skin condition is getting better but the feet still swelling and the liver function is still abnormal.

Only a day after discharged from hospital, he started to not wanted to apply cream according to the instruction given by the doctor. If warded, nurses will check on him two hourly to make sure that he applies cream. But at home, he sometimes refused to do that. Need to continuously persuade him to do so. Hopefully, his skin problems is under control with Neotigason.

Still need to follow up and consistently check on the liver.

Special Thanks to Dr. Agnes, Dr. J.J Tang, Dr. Diwan, Dr. Wong, Dr. Kartini, Dr. Gutchanran and all the nurses at Skin Ward.

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  1. I'm glad your father is discharged and getting better.