Saturday, July 25, 2009

Price Cut: Display Price VS Bar Code

Went shopping this morning, bought 3 packs of XL Mamy Poko, 1 bottle of oyster sauce, prawns and the last item was Shiron Ramen ( Korean Ramen aka instant noodles). The display price was 11.99, normal price is 15.70. So, I took one pack and heading to the cashier. When the cashier scan the bar code on the pack, I saw it was 15.70. I didn't say anything, wait till I get the receipt.

Confirm, it was 15.70. So, I asked the cashier why it is 15.70 when the display price is 11.99. The cashier asked me to go to the Customer Service Department. So, I went. The officer took the receipt and the item to display shelves to counter check the price. After few minutes, he came back and asked the other lady officer to give me back 3.70.

I noticed the price differences because I bought only few goods, if buy a lot of things I wouldn't have check the price. Last time, used to have the sticker on each and every items with the bar code and the price. Now, only display price on the shelves and bar code on the items. Next time, must make sure that the display price match the bar code price.

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