Friday, July 17, 2009

Trip to Campus by Train

This morning, I took train to campus at 9. Arriving at the destination one and half hour later. Walking to campus is around 15 minutes. My lecture was at 3pm. After class, it was around 5.30pm. My course-mate offer to send me to the railway station, but I rejected her help as I know she wanted to go home asap. Furthermore, I can walk and it is not that far. She sent me to the side gate, from there, I walked for 16-18 minutes to the station.

I seldom asked others to help me if I can managed to do it myself. My husband doesn't agree as I know he is concern about my safety. I don't simply ask help because I know my friends and course-mates or relative have their own things to do and attended to. They could be busy and have things that are more important. If possible, I rather do it myself. Unless, I really need help, then only I will ask.........

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